ICGT-XI Presenter

ICGT-XI Zoom Background

Preparation before the event day:

  1. Join presenter groups via link (WhatsApp group provided in email)
  2. Please download our zoom meeting background here
  3. Please prepare your presentation containing at least:
    • Research Background
    • Method
    • Result and Conclusion
  4. Every presenter must submit their presentation before 25th of October here
  5. The max duration of presentation is 10 minutes. Every two presenter there will be Q&A session containing maximal two questions.

Presenter guidelines at the event:

  1. Presenter must join zoom meeting before 07.45 WIB (GMT +7)
  2. Presenter should joins zoom with name format YourRoom_YourName (ex: R1_Muhammad Iqbal) and use our event background.
  3. At the main event, every presenter must keep their camera on and mute their microphone. (Except when moving to breakout room)
  4. Please make sure that your network is stable throughout the event.
  5. If your network encounters a problem, you can turn off your video by informing to the host or moderator.
  6. Please kindly use another device if the problem still persists.

List of Presenters

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