Green Innovation Technology and Science Towards Disruptive Era


Rapid technological developments can change how people behave and learn. One of the best-known products of this development is the digital platforms. Evan Schwartz said that we live in an age of ‘Digital Darwinism’. This term describes an era in which technology and society are evolving faster than businesses and society can naturally adapt, thus it is called a disruptive era. These digital platforms are disrupting traditional markets and globalization is rapidly changing customer needs and expectations. On top of that, it also affects our understanding of the environment and the need in preserving it as we march with industrial revolution 4.0. In order to overcome the current problem as we march toward a disruptive era, we must be able to anticipate and respond to these external changes.
The approach to solving these problems will demand innovation and learning. In other words, we need to tackle these problems by acquiring fresh ways of thinking. Thus, we set “Green Innovation Technology and Science towards Disruptive Era” as the main topic in this 11th ICGT (International Conference in Green Technology). The 11th ICGT will be held on 7nd-8rd October 2020 at Savana Hotel and Convention, Malang Indonesia. The conference will provide a platform for professionals, scientists, researchers, academicians and entrepreneurs around the globe to participate and share their research advancements, new technologies and encourage collaboration among participants and institutions in solving environmental issues toward this disruptive era.